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Nursing Home Negligence and Child Care Negligence

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

When you entrust your elderly family member into the care of a nursing home, you expect that they will be treated with competence and dignity. The same applies when you take your child to a daycare or other child care facility. Unfortunately, however, negligence and even abuse can occur in both of these situations, resulting in injuries and adverse health conditions for our most vulnerable citizens. Under such circumstances, you should take action quickly to remedy the situation. You can also file an injury claim or lawsuit against those responsible for the injuries to an elderly person or a child.

To get the legal help you need in this situation, you should contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney at The Craig Firm, LLC immediately. By discu ssing your case directly with a qualified attorney, you can be apprised of the legal factors involved and your rights and options in seeking legal recourse on behalf of the family member or child . By so doing, you may be preventing future damage to other potential victims placed in the care of such facilities or staff.

Atlanta Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing home negligence and abuse can take many forms, from physical abuse and medical malpractice to emotional and even financial abuse. This type of negligence may include lack of proper hygiene, nutrition, and hydration as well as intimidation, threats, and verbal abuse. The elderly person may exhibit bruises, cuts, bed sores, withdrawal, anxiety, and other physical or psychological symptoms. If you suspect that your family member has been neglected in such a way or has suffered any other type of abuse, you should bring it to the attention of the nursing home owner or manager and seek competent legal advice.

Atlanta Child Care Negligence Lawyer

Similarly, a child in a child care situation may suffer from negligence, such as improper hygiene, poor nutrition or hydration, lack of adequate supervision, lack of proper safety measures at the child care facility, on playgrounds or in vehicles, and more. If your child is injured due to any negligent actions on the part of another, you may have legal recourse in recovering damages. Getting the legal advice you need from an attorney at T he Craig Firm can be invaluable.

Contact the Atlanta personal injury lawyer at The Craig F irm in a nursing home or child care negligence case today.